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  • For Individual CustomersIf, however, you’re not a part of either a small or large business, and you’re simply an individual looking to take part in our available services, we will certainly offer [...]
  • For Corporate CustomersBy offering a co-branded card program specifically designed for business owners, the main benefit given to the customer is that your entire cost will be significantly lowered, and you’ll also [...]
  • Why PayInCard is BetterWhy PayInCard® Prepaid Cards, competitive advantages. Co-Branded Card programs that involve debit cards and credit cards One of the many things that brings a great deal of pride to PayInCard is the [...]

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Card Program Launch Services

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Card Program Launch Services
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We are committed to our customers to the point where we want to do everything we can to utilize advanced technology while also adopting effective marketing methods that work to the advantage of the customer, as we have continuously promised in the past. For this reason, we carefully analyze the cost of every co-branded card program and this in no way excludes the formation of website development and its integration. Part of what we do for our customers includes managing how cards are produced, releasing cards along with user acceptance tests, and replacing the cards. Also, our company keeps track of reviews along with customer’s progress and this includes, along with market reviews, sales reviews so we can always be aware of the ongoing progress made. Our company also tries to contemplate ways to enhance customer’s businesses by always discussing and brainstorming different marketing methods in our regularly held meetings.

card program launch services

Customer Services

Customer Services

Our company, being dedicated to quality customer service, allows customers to reach our customer service team via email, phone, or even live chat. There’s certainly no limit to what time [...]