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Co-Branded Prepaid Cards and Credit Card Programs Powered by FIB

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Card Programs

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Card Programs
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Credit card programs, debit card programs and prepaid card programs.

In order to cater to the individual needs of customers, PayInCard® plans to adjust certain card programs for customers. Considering that this type of prepaid card serves a purpose of both gaining exposure for businesses and along with being used for financial transactions, this type of card could be viewed as being quite appealing for large businesses. Customers also have the option of requesting certain logos and designs to fit the needs of either their businesses or personal preferences.

One of the primary benefits of having a specified logo is that it can be used as a marketing tool if the card is used for a certain type of businesses, as a logo can trigger certain associations that link back to the business it represents. Given the fact that the card program will come with an assigned bank identification number, small or large businesses will have more of an ability to ensure that they are able to manage the program.

In terms of the planning of the programs for debit card, credit card, and prepaid cards, Payincard plays a crucial role in this process. When planning and forming the program for either one of these three cards, there’s a certain amount of time and energy that is required in order to successfully form the program, along with meeting all of the customer’s needs. Aside from the development that initiates, MasterCard and Visa play a crucial role in financing co-branded cards, and so it’s undeniably important that the matter of designing the cards meets their preferences.

Following the designing of the cards, there’s a whole new series of processes that range from proofing the cards and finally printing them after they have met approval. The most important part of the process is that the newly designed cards be sent to an issuing bank, where either MasterCard or Visa reviews the cards and then makes an approval. Following this essential step, the cards are then printed once a plastic provider is hired. Prior to the final cards being sent to MasterCard or Visa, the proof copy of the card needs to be evaluated, and only after it’s viewed as being acceptable. Following the required acceptance that is given by either MasterCard or Visa, the final copy of the cards is printed.


One of the most unique cards are the customized co-branded card programs that are usually designed based on the preferences of either an individual or a business, and this type of card has the reputation for being distinct in this regard. In order to plan for the either the design or the formulation of a certain card program, the party responsible is expected to expend an extraordinary amount of time and energy into the process. Aside from the amount of work that goes into the development of the program and the designing of the card, there’s a whole legal aspect linked to the process as the result of required contracts and approvals that need to be either made or drawn up. This program, however, is significantly beneficial to the customer, as Payincard is far more inclined to be flexible in terms of the customer’s needs, and with the low prices related to the initial charge, the monthly charges and transaction fees, customers can certainly expect to save quite a bit of money.

There are a few other services that the company offers aside from simply offering assistance in designing cards and forming prepaid card programs, PayInCard® also serves the purpose of offering program management services. Customers will always have the benefit of having a series of skilled managers ready to answer any questions or offer any type of assistance for the customers. These managers are ready and willing to handle a wide range of issues that may arise whether it’s related to handling complaints made by customers, the marketing of the program, along with monitoring it. It’s absolutely pivotal for a company, in order to ensure their success, that they carefully evaluate the company prior to offering the service promised.

When the co-branded card program is well-managed and carefully monitored, the business is expected to, as a result, expand exponentially and therefore generate a significant level of revenue. A method of marketing the business, however, will be done in part by the use of the logo, which is likely to spread the image of the company and therefore bring in a greater pool of customers. But apart from all of the benefits and the plans and methods for engineering success, there’s also the purpose of forming the business that needs to be kept in mind, which is to provide an easier and more secure way to make financial transactions for both individuals and small businesses.

card programs

Co-Branded Cards

Co-Branded Cards

Co-branded Prepaid cards programs for credit card and debit cards The use of co-branded card programs has recently become more widespread, as this type of card serves as a convenient way [...]