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Co-Branded Cards

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Co-Branded Cards

Co-branded Prepaid cards programs for credit card and debit cards

The use of co-branded card programs has recently become more widespread, as this type of card serves as a convenient way to conduct financial transactions along with giving various benefits to the users of these cards. What co-branding actually indicates is the relationship that was formed between more than two companies. Co-branded cards always carry a logo of a certain company as well as another, smaller logo of the company that has issued the card and Visa and MasterCard.

Like either a debit card or credit card, a co-branded card is considered a financial card that carries the name of a certain business, something that serves the purpose of giving benefits to customers that is usually a specific discount that translates into customers saving money. What tends to be the case is that co-branded cards are sponsored by both the company and the financial institution that issues the cards.

Customers usually have a large number of options available to choose from and they usually expect or require that the products or even the services be made or delivered especially for them to satisfy any needs that they may have. PayInCard works hard to offer programs that were made specifically for a certain business, whether the program that is customized is for a credit card, debit card or a prepaid card. This effort to customize a card can work in favor of marketing your business. One marketing tool that’s used is that the logo of your business appears on the card and in this sense people will be able to associate that logo with your business.

PayInCard is more than willing to help customers with designing cards and individualizing them, but that’s only after the effort has been approved by either Visa or MasterCard. The whole point of making an effort to customize the card is for the purpose of producing more revenue for a particular business along with giving employees of the represented business a chance to use the cards for financial purposes.

What the co-branded card programs essentially strives to do is to enhance the relationship that exists between a business and its customers.  Along with this strengthened tie, there’s also the reality that a bond between the card issuer and the business that needs to be strengthened. One of the most important aspects of this relationship is the tie that PayInCard® has with both Visa and MasterCard.

The type of relationship that exists between PayInCard® and Master Card and Visa is a positive one because it’s likely to draw in a larger pool of customers due to their widely known name and their solid reputation. But like cards that carry the logo of Master Card and Visa, cards that are considered non-reward cards have a greater propensity towards attracting more customers in comparison to card programs that offer no type of rewards.

Co-branding is a good choice to make for the sake of your business and its future growth. However, it’s important prior to considering cobranding that you form a business plan in order to predict whether or not you’ll be able to manage the program. What PayInCard does is that it offers help in deciding what the best co-branded card program would be for the sake of the company. If a company is able to offer more to its customers in terms of rewards and other benefits than cobranding is a very good choice. Before deciding to cobrand, a company should evaluate the specific services or products that’ll be offered to customers.

The most important aspect of the entire program for PayInCard® is that customers are happy with the program provided.


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