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Co-Branded Prepaid Cards and Credit Card Programs Powered by FIB

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Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

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Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

Debit cards – Credit cards – Prepaid cards

One of the newest and more convenient ways to manage transactions made, whether it’s through making a certain payment for a merchandise or service, is to use a prepaid card from PayInCard, a type of card that is significantly safer than simply carrying around cash. If this is something that is viewed as beneficial towards managing finances than you should begin using this co-branded prepaid card as soon as possible.
There are a variety of co-branded card programs provided by PayInCard, which customers may find somewhat familiar, as they are related to debit card and credit card programs linked with Visa and MasterCard, two types of credit cards that are universally known. One of the main benefits of possessing the PayInCard is that it enables transactions to be made almost instantaneously, something that differs immensely from a basic debit or credit card issued by either Visa or MasterCard.

The Co-branded cards highlight an existing relationship or even a connection between four entities: the business, the customer, the financial service provider, along with the card issuer. This type of co-branded prepaid card is quite advantageous for the customer, as it provides a variety of offers and reward programs that most people would find very appealing.
By using a Co-branded card program you almost ensure that your business, regardless of its size or success, will experience unprecedented expansion.
But prior to considering co-branded prepaid cards it is first important to become aware of the various types of prepaid cards so that you can decide which card program works best for you.

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Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards

There’s clearly a close similarity between a prepaid card and a debit or credit card, more in the sense that all three cards are used for financial transactions. However, the [...]