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Co-Branded Prepaid Cards and Credit Card Programs Powered by FIB

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If you wish to contact PayInCard our address is listed below

64 Untermarkt, 9363 Metnitz, Austria

Tel/fax: 116-188. E-mail:

PayInCard® is owned by FIB (Fællesskabets Investeringer Bank) and operated as an international Business to Business network with a variety of solutions offered to business clients globally within the limit of operating countries including co-branded card solutions and prepaid card programs, plastic manufacturing, obtaining design approvals, processing and servicing. Being an international B2B network, PayInCard offers a variety of co-branded card solutions that encompasses credit card programs, debit card programs along with prepaid card programs, and these programs benefit thousands of cardholders regardless of their location in the world. PayInCard is by far the only international network that compensates cardholders with up to 80% of the most important transaction fees, and this includes both ATM and POS transactions along with other ones. Also, for the purpose of benefiting the customer, PayInCard® allow for members to receive a large amount of revenue that results from transactions. Having our co-branded cards licensed by both Visa and MasterCard, our business partners greatly benefit from this type of partnership mainly because a stable customer base is able to remain established and there’s also a dependable income of revenue.

One of the reasons why PayInCard is successful is that we maintain a stable licensing relationship with both Visa and MasterCard, the two major companies who happen to be responsible from approving our cards. These two networks also license several financial institutions that are involved in our networking. Our company’s platform handles well over a million operations that are made for the purpose of better providing for both individuals and companies in various part of the world. If you have the desire to be a part of our network then we make it mandatory that a business plan or even a description is drawn up and submitted for review. Upon having your work accepted, you’ll be contacted no later than within 48 hours of acceptance with certain detailed requirements.

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