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Corporate Payments

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Corporate Payments

Corporate Payments – Corporate Cards

Cobranded cards including corporate cards and payment cards

Every business, no matter how big or small, requires a way of carrying out and managing all of the financial corporate transactions. Large businesses, more than small businesses, must have a certain way of making transactions that go from one business to the other in the form of payments. PayInCard possesses a distinct co-branded card program that focuses on the specific needs of whatever business it caters to and also manages and processes the payments.

Co-branded cards, which include both corporate cards and payment cards, serve two purposes; one is to offer convenience; secondly to offer a much greater level of management over both payments and processes. PayInCard offers more than simply co-branded prepaid cards; it also allows businesses to customize cards to fit the needs of their business.

For the purpose of offering additional convenience to the customer, most of the time businesses will allow customers to choose from various different ways to pay, whether it’s by credit card or through a debit or prepaid card. As a result of the wide range of available ways of payment, at times businesses may find it challenging to keep record of all of the transactions that take place. It’s also important that when payments are given to either employees or business associates that there needs to be an assurance that the transferred to funds have not brought about any type of added cost. In order to better assist clients, PayInCard has implemented co-branded card programs that are brought about specifically to handle corporate payments.

One of the things that PayInCard provides is corporate pay cards along with credit cards. Clients will be able to decide whether or not to use the corporate cards, something that’ll depend largely on business requirements. One of the alternative methods of payments that can be used is a charge card, which some customers might find preferable over a check.  Some customers may find the charge card to be a better form of making payments, as this will save them a significant amount of money from the cost of checks. Also, a business credit card can be used by businesses in order to receive funds or loans.

Prior to receiving a business charge card, a business plan must be presented, and after submission, carefully analyzed by the financial company. What’s quite important is that the company should be able to handle the purchases that are brought onto the business card. Also, it’s vital that what’s considered by the business is that the charges made to the card are debts that must be paid and this is something that must be studied beforehand.

However, though the business cards are in the form of credit, there are limits that are imposed in terms of how much can be spent making payments or purchasing whatever is needed for the business. But there are limits that can be made by the business, something that relates largely to the requirements that they have already set. There’s also the option, depending on the business, for unlimited spending, but this might make it so that the business involved would have to create additional management in order to more effectively monitor spending. When there’s no unlimited amount that can be spent there’s far less risk for the business.

Along with all of these available options, PayInCard offers well-manageable card programs that can be monitored closely using online management. Using this method of management is both inexpensive and easy. Also, to the advantage of the cardholders, there are various rewards that are made available by companies mainly to conduct financial transactions. The type of rewards that may be offered by the financial company can include anything from free trips, airline tickets and other alluring offers. In order to receive these rewards, the customer will gather points based on purchases made and collect only after a certain number of points had been reached.

PayInCard serves the purpose of managing cards that have been issued by Visa or MasterCard, and these cards also add benefit for businesses, as they provide a certain level of convenience. These types of co-branded cards serve two purposes which is to both assist with the expansion of business all while limiting the amount of money incurred all while altering the quality of management in terms of transaction processes.


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