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Credit Cards

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Credit Cards

Another popular method of conducting financial transactions and making either payments or purchases is by using co branded credit cards. Debit Cards and Credit Cards can be used similarly in the sense that they can both be used to finalize payments or even purchases, but there’s an important difference between the two and that relates to the reality that Credit cards are used to make payments on funds that are borrowed through credit, while co-branded debit cards are used with funds that are already available in a linked account. One important aspect of using a Credit card, something that’s very important for a card holder to keep in mind is that whenever the Credit card is used the funds added to the card is considered a liability that the card holder is expected to pay back in addition to a certain amount of interest. It can be much safer to use both a Debit card and a Credit card, however, because in the event that an emergency occurs one card may be used if the other one is lost or maxed out.

Represent Your Business Globally with Co-Branded Credit Cards

Co-branded card programs have gained huge popularity over last few years. The use of credit cards is done when there is an emergency and the person has no cash of his own so he borrows a certain amount from the bank, and undergoes a small amount of debt.  When he clears this debt he also has to pay some interest. One of the main benefits of using credit cards over cash or a debit card is that many times when the customer falls short of cash, it’s there to help him in the emergency and many times the card holder is offered with discounts or cash back which is not offered to the customers paying in cash.

No matter how useful the credit card is, there’s always a fear amongst the users that they are under a temporary debt and also they are unwilling to pay the interest which incurs on the use of credit card. Due to this reason many users are switching over to prepaid credit cards. These are co-branded credit cards and provide the same advantage as that of MasterCard or Visa but are safer to use in many ways. They are prepaid, which means that the user is preloading the card with money and then using it. There is no question of debt or interest here. Also they can travel with these cards globally as they are accepted everywhere.

Using co-branded credit card represents your business as they include the logo of your business unlike a Visa or a MasterCard.

credit cards

Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

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