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Co-Branded Debit Cards

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Co-Branded Debit Cards
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Co-branded Debit Card Programs

Debit card Programs and Co-Branded Prepaid Debit Cards

One of the main benefits of using the PayInCard is that payments will be able to be made at a faster rate compared to other types of cards.

In modern times people find fast and easy methods of payments to be extraordinarily appealing. This is one of the many benefits of using a debit card rather than simply using cash, and it’s this level of convenience that is continuously offered to shoppers as well as travelers who choose to use a debit card. One of the main advantages of utilizing the co-branded card program is that the customer is able to gain certain benefits usually felt by using a regular debit card, along with the cardholder being able to use their own brands.

Another main benefit that is given to the customer regardless of whether or not they’re an individual or a small business is the reality that this type of card program is likely to increase the level of revenue made, along with assisting businesses in gaining more exposure for the businesses through the marketing aspect of the program. When a business regardless of its size or success rate proceeds to sell both Visas and Master Cards they are more than likely to gain the support of their customers.

Types of Debit Cards

The programs made available by debit cards are specifically designed to cater to the needs or desires of a variety of people whether they are shoppers or travelers.

The most popular aspect of the program is the  co branded prepaid card program for no other reason than that this particular card can be used at any location and at any part of the world that accepts either MasterCard or Visa. Another appealing part of using this debit card is that there’s no required credit check, and for this reason it’s far more convenient for people making payments.

In order to ensure that customers are protected from fraud, PayInCard is committed to ensuring that customers are secure from unauthorized purchases, which they will in no way be held accountable for. For the purpose of making life easier and more convenient for customers, PayInCard® Co-branded prepaid cards allow customers to arrange paychecks and salaries to be transferred instantly into the specific prepaid debit card.

Aside from simply using PayInCard, customers have the option of using a travel card, which is a type of program that falls into a similar category of prepaid cards. This travel card is designed to make life easier and more secure for people when they are traveling either nationally or internationally. Rather than simply carrying a large amount of cash or even traveler’s checks, people will have the option of using this card that’ll contain attractive features such as emergency cash advances or replacements, something that’s advantageous to travelers. Also, as with a travel prepaid card, customers will be protected from fraudulent or unauthorized purchases.

Most people today find preference in convenience and that’s the same when it comes to handling finances. When shopping for gifts, most people would rather give a prepaid gift card rather than spending hours in the store shopping for the ideal gift. This type of program doesn’t exclusively benefit individual shoppers, but it’s also beneficial to large corporations or even small businesses for the purpose of completing payrolls or even transferring specific benefits to their employees by using the prepaid payroll card that’s now available.

These co branded debit card programs are designed to provide an additional benefit to employees, aside from just being secure and convenient. The benefit that an employee would experience when using this type of card would be that of receiving net pay almost instantaneously, along with having access to account information online and a dependable form of payment which is made directly into the account; all features that provide convenience and safety for both cardholders and the card providers.


Co-Branded Cards

Co-Branded Cards

Co-branded Prepaid cards programs for credit card and debit cards The use of co-branded card programs has recently become more widespread, as this type of card serves as a convenient way [...]