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E-wallet Cards

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E-wallet Cards

E-wallet Cards

Secure Co-branded prepaid Cards – e-wallet card payments

There are many people who feel less inclined to make purchases via the internet mainly because in most cases they are required to enter sensitive information, such as a debit or credit card numbers. This can lead people to feel particularly vulnerable as there’s no way of knowing whether or not hackers will have access to this personal information, and thus their financial security is compromised. One of the things that PayInCard is committed to is ensuring customer safety while making financial transactions online and this is one of the benefits of using a co-branded card. The programs that have been developed by the company are formed specifically for the purpose of protecting customers when they make purchases online. The available e-wallet cards give both a sense of safety and convenience to whomever chooses to use it.

An E-wallet is a convenient electronic wallet that has been designed to allow people to keep their personal, financial, and business information, which is something that has been proven to be a secure method of storage. The way it works is that a person’s information is kept on the card based on the cardholder’s discretion. The one advantage of having an E-wallet is that people won’t be limited to just one E-wallet and these electronic wallets can also be shared.  The security that lies in the E-wallet is connected to a password that is required to be formed and entered in order for the wallet to be accessed. The whole purpose of having an E-wallet is for being able to make purchases online in a more secure and easy manner as well as transferring funds. There’s also the option, when using E-wallets by PayInCard, to also have payments send to you from one online account to your own account. There are simply an abundant of financial institutions that permit this type of service. There are a fair amount of people who are notably doubtful as to the validity of these websites providing this service, but it’s, however, secure for users.

For the purpose of gaining access to a personalized e-wallet it’s necessary for the interested party to volunteer personal information to the providing company. When an e-wallet is in your possession, you’ll have the ability to access the available funds, meaning that you can freely deposit and withdraw money from the e-wallet. The way in which e-wallet cards are provided with funds is through PayInCard, and these funds can usually be added by either the usage of a credit card, debit card or even a simple bank deposit. There’s also a significant amount of flexibility permitted, as clients are able to transfer money from one online account to another, even if their payment hasn’t been finalized. When a decision has been made to proceed with a payment, there is the option to either transfer money or withdraw it entirely. The payments can be made by the simple account of entering a PIN number, which like any other financial account will lead to the access of the account.

One aspect of the e-wallet, something that many people would find appealing is the reality that the funds stored in an e-wallet can also be accessed at any ATM. Being closely aligned with MasterCard and Visa, the Silver Card Co-branded Prepaid can be used at ATMs that allow for the use of either MasterCard or Visa, which would probably be the vast majority of ATMs.

PayInCard works for businesses that place an enormous amount of emphasis on their financial safety, and that’s the reason why these co-branded card programs are made available. There are businesses, however, who won’t expect that their users enter their information every time they make a transaction, and these co-branded card permits users to make a number of different purchases and make payments in ways of their choosing.  There’s also an option that PayInCard® has available which would make it so that users would be required to submit their information every time that they make a financial transaction, something that is meant to limit a customer’s fears of their account information being compromised by conducting online transactions. Though this may be a concern for some, this program is also willing to cater to the wishes of those who desire convenience over security, and therefore wish to be able to make a string of transactions without having to worry about resubmitting their information.

Though the e-wallet is significantly convenient, like various other financial accounts, there are limits imposed on users, one of them being that there is a limit as to how much money can actually be stored on an e-wallet.  But for the sake of flexibility, PayInCard changes this limit based on the customer’s needs and that of their business.


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