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Financial Payouts

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Financial Payouts

Financial Payouts

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid card programs for automated financial payments

For larger corporations, in the event that they have completed an investment, are expected to pay investors and shareholders the amount of money that has been made in dividends, but only when they have experienced financial gain from the investment. The investors who have contributed to the particular investment will expect to be compensated for the money made with cash. PayInCard also, aside from providing a variety of co branded debit card programs and services, is also committed to helping large or small corporations in dividing the earned dividends based on the chosen transaction method that has been selected by the investors. Since cash is most often perceived as the least desirable way to receive payment, Co-branded card programs often use debit cards or prepaid cards for this purpose.

The payouts are made usually after the investment begins resulting in financial gain. The way it works is that the investment is subtracted by the entire revenue gained, and only then are the profits handed out based on the share of the investors within the corporation.  But it’s partly based on the discretion of the company in terms of whether it’s best to invest the profits that have been gained or use the funds to pay out the investors or shareholders. But this ratio that’s based on the amount that is either used to pay investors or to reinvest plays a crucial role in the health and expansion of the business. There are so many ways that this can benefit everyone involved, and at times investors who desire a higher income would rather receive the funds from the investment rather than to risk losing the money already gained in an additional investment. However, this desire may not necessarily be mutually felt by corporations who would prefer to reinvest and witness additional growth, and therefore receive a lower financial payout. PayInCard, considering the needs of customers, may customize payout cards for the purpose of allowing businesses to exercise more control in terms of their finances when making transactions.

Besides bringing a higher level of convenience to the lives of customers, these co-branded cards make it significantly easier to handle transactions. These transactions have been known to be easier to record, and this works to the businesses’ advantage. Also, it’s possible for these types of transactions to be conducted from anywhere in the world, as PayInCard is closely aligned with both Visa and MasterCard, major financial companies that are visible internationally.  This co-branded card program, based on the following procedures, benefits the customers with the reality that the chance of fraud is greatly diminished.

PayInCard provides its customers with programs that enable companies to make instant payments when needed. There are simply two types of payout cards and these are either issued for either an individual or a company. But there’s an enormous difference between these two payout cards, as the personal or individual card is used mainly for making payments for either annuities or insurance, while a company payout is more closely related to the money made from an investment and then handed out to shareholders in the form of payment. Both the investors and the employees of that particular company are given payout cards once they have officially become part of the company. These payout cards are considered part of PayInCard which means that each card requires a PIN in order for funds to be accessed at ATMs, and only at ATM machines that carry the name of MasterCard or Visa. The only requirement, however, is that an account held by the company be already in existence with a particular financial institution that is responsible for releasing funds to members.

PayInCard forms these programs as a way to offer the highest possible benefits to those who use the card programs. The transactions that are made using these co-branded prepaid cards are known to be safer and there’s little chance that a mistake will be made like when checks are being handled. Apart from being safe and convenient, there’s the reality that this method is far less time-consuming since cardholders aren’t required to wait the length of time needed for a check to come in the mail. Also, the expense that comes with checking charges is almost non-existent, as transfers are made and funds are withdrawn almost instantaneously.


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