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Forex Cards

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Forex Cards

Forex Cards and Forex card Programs

Forex prepaid cards – Co-branded debit card program or a credit card program

Another form of prepaid cards is what is known as Forex cards, which are primarily used in the event that a purchased is made while the cardholder travels internationally. The Forex card provides a significant benefit to the cardholder due to the inexpensive advantage that it holds; something that greatly differs from the use of a debit or credit card. Though some people may perceive debit or credit cards as being easily usable when traveling, there is, however, the risk of fraud if the card is either lost or stolen and this is enough to deter anyone from using their card when traveling to an unfamiliar area. Another unsafe method of completing purchases is by using cash, which is something that can easily be lost or stolen, and in this unfortunate event, it’s nearly impossible to be compensated for the loss. Forex cards are available as another alternative to making purchases in a manner that is safe and convenient. Customers can also be assured that they’ll be able to use Forex cards in a wide variety of places since these cards carry the name of MasterCard and Visa.

The way the Forex prepaid card works is that, like a regular debit card, the funds drawn from the card are connected to the cardholder’s existing financial account. There’s a certain amount of money that’s able to be added to the co-branded card, but this restriction mainly serves the purpose of ensuring that in the event that the card is either lost or stolen, thieves will only be able to access or possible steal only a small amount of funds. But this restriction doesn’t limit the customer for the entire duration of their trip, as PayInCard allows for funds to be added to the card from anywhere in the world. This act of replenishing the funds can be done by telephone where the funds are then transferred from the connected account to the card so that it can be used once again. Another added convenience on the part of PayInCard is that this company allows for funds to be deposited by someone other than the cardholder in order for the card to receive funds in the event that the cardholder has found himself destitute and unable to add funds.

This Forex prepaid card program can be mostly compared to a debit card or even a credit card program, though there is a difference that lies in the fact that the cardholder is able to make payments based on the currency of the country where the cardholder is located, something that a debit or credit card program doesn’t allow you to do. But like a debit card, when using a Forex prepaid card, all the cardholder has to do in order to make a payment or withdraw funds is to enter a PIN number and only then is the account accessed.

Considering that Forex is a prepaid card and only a certain amount of money is allowed to be added, a cardholder has zero chance over overdrawing. This type of card works to the advantage of those who exhibit less self-control when going on shopping trips, especially those with the propensity towards spending far beyond their means.

These card programs particularly work to the advantage of people who are either trying to make an effort to monitor their spending or are traveling abroad and need a safer way to make purchases. Aside from providing cardholders with a safer way to purchase items abroad, the co-branded prepaid cards also hold no requirements in terms of the cardholders possessing solid credit, something that is often the case when applying for a credit card, and for this reason prepaid cards may appeal to a wider range of people.

In the event that a Forex card is either lost or stolen the cardholder will receive protection from the card provider in the form of money stolen being replaced. There’s just such an enormous emphasis that’s placed on the financial security of the customer. The reality of the Forex prepaid card that customers will be guaranteed a higher exchange rate than customers who are traveling abroad, something that may not be found by simply converting cash to make traveling in a foreign country easier. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that exchange rates fluctuate and they also lock at the close of the day, and this means that the purchases that you make for one of those days could possibly be subtracted based on the exchange performance on that particular day.

PayInCard remains mindful of the customer’s needs along with remaining committed to the necessity of developing the co-branded card programs.  The company also keeps the safety of its customers in mind while providing a variety of benefits to the customer, something that’ll disenable the customer from feeling any form of regret for being part of the program.


Incentive Programs

Incentive Programs

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