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Co-Branded Prepaid Cards and Credit Card Programs Powered by FIB

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Prepaid Cards

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Prepaid Cards

There’s clearly a close similarity between a prepaid card and a debit or credit card, more in the sense that all three cards are used for financial transactions. However, the main difference, and the one that truly distinguishes prepaid cards is the fact that funds are added to the card prior to use. In order for the card to be used, the card holder is required to add funds otherwise the card will not work in the process of a transaction. Prepaid cards, unlike debit and credit cards, are ideal for people who have a difficulty managing money well, especially when taking a shopping trip, and by using a prepaid card the cardholder will have more of an ability to control the amount of money they spend prior to shopping.

The PayInCard, for the purpose of benefiting customers, is purposely linked to MasterCard and Visa. These card programs can more or less be altered for the purpose of adjusting to businesses or individuals.

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Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

Debit cards – Credit cards – Prepaid cards One of the newest and more convenient ways to manage transactions made, whether it’s through making a certain payment for a merchandise or [...]