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Co-Branded Prepaid Cards and Credit Card Programs Powered by FIB

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Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

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Co-Branded Prepaid Cards
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Use of prepaid cards

Prepaid card – Cobranded Prepaid Cards from MasterCard or Visa

Co-branded prepaid cards that are offered by PayInCard® are designed to assist with financial transactions such as making payments in advance, along with keeping a balance of an appropriate budget, as well as maintaining a balance found between both income and expenditure.

When having a financial card in your possession, it’s both easy and convenient to fulfill the necessity of making either payments or purchases. This card is often used by small businesses and large corporations for the purpose of making obligatory financial transactions easier and more convenient. But the customers always have a choice in what programs they wish to select, whether it be using a credit card or any type of prepaid card.

The prepaid cards that are provided are somewhat similar, though they differ from the usual credit card, in the sense that these prepaid cards are in no way related to a debt that the cardholder would owe. But unlike a credit card, which gives a cardholder more flexibility with their spending, a prepaid card can only be used in a transaction for the amount of money that was added to it. There’s also a much stricter spending limit that is imposed on the prepaid card, and if a cardholder wishes to spend more money, they’re required to add additional funds to their card prior to using it. However, the primary benefit of the cards lie in the fact that they provide a risk free method of making financial transactions and cardholders are free from the worry of accumulating debt from using the card.


One of the advantages of having a prepaid card rather than just a credit card is that it allows for impulsive spenders to limit themselves with their spending. This reality prevents people from later wishing that they had placed restrictions on their spending, as the prepaid card makes it virtually impossible for people to spend more than what they already have available. The main advantages linked to using this card is that cardholders don’t have to worry about accumulating debt with card usage and the prepaid card is far safer than carrying around cash, and cardholders have the advantage of being protected from fraud.

The co-branded cards that carry the name of either MasterCard or Visa are convenient for customers because these cards can be used at virtually any location. In addition to the reality that these cards can be used at a wide range of places and locations, losses incurred can be claimed by the cardholder to the card issuer, and this claim can only be made if the card is linked to either Visa or MasterCard.

One of the things that PayInCard does is to provide prepaid cards for customers that are linked to MasterCard or Visa, which adds the ability for customers to use the card virtually anywhere. This type of co-branded card programs are   far more secure than carrying around large amounts of cash, as there’s no way that cash can be replaced in the event that it gets either lost or stolen.

The prepaid cards can be used by customers at either retail stores or restaurants, and aside from just being used for shopping and dining out the co-branded debit cards & prepaid cards are also available for paying utility bills or even for shopping online. Regardless of where you are in the world the prepaid card can be used and you have the control over how much money is added to the card and how much is spent.


Co-Branded Cards

Co-Branded Cards

Co-branded Prepaid cards programs for credit card and debit cards The use of co-branded card programs has recently become more widespread, as this type of card serves as a convenient way [...]