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  • For Corporate CustomersBy offering a co-branded card program specifically designed for business owners, the main benefit given to the customer is that your entire cost will be significantly lowered, and you’ll also [...]
  • Why PayInCard is BetterWhy PayInCard® Prepaid Cards, competitive advantages. Co-Branded Card programs that involve debit cards and credit cards One of the many things that brings a great deal of pride to PayInCard is the [...]

Co-Branded Prepaid Cards and Credit Card Programs Powered by FIB

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PayInCard®  Prepaid Card Services

Co-branded Prepaid Card programs – Debit Cards and Credit Cards

The PayInCard provides a variety of cards along with programs that fit the needs of customers in order for them to more easily manage finances.

When PayInCard provides services, the intention is to cater to the specific needs of customers regardless of their location in the world. These credit cards and prepaid cards are meant to enhance the provided service that is available whether nationally or internationally. The primary intention of this program, one that is meant to benefit the customer, is the possibility of generating a larger pool of revenue, all while further growing the businesses by using various marketing methods all while enhancing the level of trust that the customer feels for the company. There are wide range of other services that cobrand provides that includes but is not limited to payment integration, software solutions, white label programs, along with turnkey solutions. Being committed to our customers, PayInCard® is mindful to the needs of all customers regardless of where their economic standing is, and our company is flexible enough and willing to be mindful of this reality.