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  • For Individual CustomersIf, however, you’re not a part of either a small or large business, and you’re simply an individual looking to take part in our available services, we will certainly offer [...]
  • For Corporate CustomersBy offering a co-branded card program specifically designed for business owners, the main benefit given to the customer is that your entire cost will be significantly lowered, and you’ll also [...]
  • Why PayInCard is BetterWhy PayInCard® Prepaid Cards, competitive advantages. Co-Branded Card programs that involve debit cards and credit cards One of the many things that brings a great deal of pride to PayInCard is the [...]

Co-Branded Prepaid Cards and Credit Card Programs Powered by FIB

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Turnkey Solution Services

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Turnkey Solution Services
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Customers can rest assured that their finances are secure with PayInCard®. One of the most important parts of the business, one that is primarily customer-focused, is ensuring that our customers businesses receive a high level of exposure, which is something that is offered with our turnkey web design program. But aside from the marketing aspect of it, the security and financial safety of our customers is a primary concern for us. In a sense this is the main reason for us providing a hosting platform that is used for our various programs that come with Co-branded cards. This type of service also includes the ability to make payments online, along with receiving certain banking facilities almost immediately.

Another advantage that customers will have when using a prepaid card issued by PayInCard® is that our company has connections with major global networks across the world, which relates to our SMS service packages. This particular service is offered as a way to provide customers with the most effective method of marketing for either the customers debit or credit card offers.


Card Program Launch Services

Card Program Launch Services

We are committed to our customers to the point where we want to do everything we can to utilize advanced technology while also adopting effective marketing methods that work to [...]