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Co Branded Visa Cards

Build Effective Partnership with Visa via Co-Branded Visa Card

With a co-branded Visa card you get the opportunity to build an effective partnership. If you own a business of your own, you can integrate co-branded Visa program with your business and you can bring a wide range of advantages to your business.

Let’s find out what this card programs can do for you once you issue a card to your customers.

Know your customers: With the co-branded Visa Card you get to know more about your customers once the card is issued to them. You can know about their behaviour and spending habits easily.

Communicate with your customers: Establish a regular channel of communication with your customers via mails, magazines and newsletters and know what they desire.

Create rewards and perks program for them: Using the co-branded card programs you can offer more attractive and appropriate offers like cash back, discounts and other special treatments.

Increase your turnover: Once you establish a successful partnership with Visa you can also expect a considerable part of its income from your selected issuer.

Why choose this card program brand?

When you associate yourself with Visa you should be rest assured that you are working with the best brand.  Not only you, but your staff and the customer also understand the value of the brand. It’s one of the most trusted financial service brands of Europe.